We provide funding, support, resources and awareness for dying children and for children whose loved one is dying or has died.

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Welcome to The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide care, support and education to grieving children, youth, adults and their families around death and dying, while building strength, resilience and hope.

Our Vision

Our vision is for every grieving child and their family to have access to grief counselling and all the available grief resources whether they can afford it or not.

The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation's Dream Goal is to help unite and support Children's Grief efforts all over North America and the world.

We want all children's grief organizations, bereavement groups, hospices, palliative care programs etc. on a united front. Hands We need to bring much more awareness to children's grief. We need to form partnerships and collaborations.

Not-for-profits and for-profits can co-exist and work together. We will all benefit.

We need to bring easier access and we need to share knowledge, vetted resources, articles, newsletters, ideas, stats, literature, and models that work.

We need to provide better access to those not in major cities.

As the first step, we begin by reaching out to all those in the entire grief landscape and tell them that we want all of us to join together and participate in the annual Children Grief Awareness Day — Thurs. Nov 18, 2021.

Too many people, even those dealing with grief are unaware of the existence of this National Day. Imagine every child who has been grieving now or in the past, united to observe this day across the world. We want to encourage all organizations dealing with grief to join us, eg. peer groups, splinter groups, churches, synagogues, funeral homes, hospitals, hospices, palliative care, suicide prevention, cancer and all other disease related groups, care givers, families, friends, teachers, camps, corporations, govt. etc, etc.

When together and very large, we will have a major presence and a loud voice and AWARENESS. Unity makes an enormous statement This increased awareness will encourage increased donations and will bring forth people who want to help the children and our cause.

Together we can work to educate and advocate for children's grief counselling and bereavement to be part of the palliative care continuum.

We would like to invite all grief services and organizations to join us in recognizing, participating and spreading the importance of Children's Grief Awareness Day (CGAD). Together we can make sure that every grieving child, parent and family has the support and resources necessary to get through these difficult times. Join Us!